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Pretzel Crisps

A new pretzel was born

Reinventing the Pretzel

Pretzel Crisps, the world’s first spreadable pretzel cracker, created the segment of flat pretzel crackers in 2004 and has experienced strong growth because of its position at the intersection of three fast growing segments (natural snacks, salty snacks and crackers). The brand needed to address three potential challenges for growth: low brand awareness, lack of product understanding (and hence differentiation) and consumer challenge of finding the product.

The Best of Taste and Health

Dragon Rouge identitied the priority target and brand positioning around the idea of a ‘reinvented modern classic’. Built on first hand consumer learning which revealed consumers’ desire for taste-led excitement when it comes to snacking, the new positioning puts a twist on pretzels by taking the best of the original pretzel reference and health perceptions (the outside, the good part, fat-free, baked) and injecting it with fun and excitement through the product’s innovative form, tastes and flavors.

As an output of strategic development, “Re-Think Your Pretzel” was identified as the optimal tagline expression to reinforce the new positioning and speak to pretzel consumers looking for new twist and non-pretzel consumers looking for flavor excitement.

A Taste of Success

 “Going through the branding exercise really allowed us to visualize who our customer was and what success looked like,” said Perry Abbenante, Vice President of Marketing at Snack Factory, LLC.  

Since the rebranding and relaunch, Pretzel Crisps has experienced exponential growth in triple digits (over 100% in 52 weeks in both food and mass) making this modern classic a household name!

Did you know?

The average U.S. citizen consumes up to two pounds of pretzels per year, but Philadelphians snack on about 12 pounds of pretzels per person every year.


Eric Zeitoun